Jane Addams to Richard Theodore Ely, November 27, 1902


My dear Mr. Ely

I have thought of putting some lectures into a book form [although] I am afraid the book would be rather small. "The Newer Ideals of Peace", "Dynamic Peace" or "War & Labor" have occurred to me as possible titles.  I should like very much to read the thesis to you and I need not tell you for how many reasons we hope that you are soon coming to Hull-House.

If you care to have the book [page 2] in the series I should of course be glad to have it there, [although] I imagine that it might not fit in.  The Macmillan Co has written about another book and [although] I have not yet answered the letter, I should of course have no reason for changing publishers.  I go to Washington and Baltimore the first of the week but will be back by next Thursday and will be quite steadily until the first of the year.  I wish very much that you might [page 3] come before this and that Mrs Ely might come with you.  With cordial greetings to her as well as yourself, I am always faithfully yours

Jane Addams

Nov 27" 1902

[page 4]

Women [illegible] tending with the house--conventional [war].

[Women] entering into the commercial life & work industrial condition with its element of warfare, of competition of "racing" piece work withdraw the [illegible] in a certain sense.

Spinning, weaving, dying blankets for keeping the family warm.

Or working in a [soap] factory in order to buy blankets to keep family warm.