Jane Addams to Harriet Park Thomas, September 16, 1916

Hulls Cove Maine
Sept 16" 1916

Dear Mrs Thomas

It is not that the list is "loosely organized" as to committees but that it is a poor list, (whereas the others were good ones). Mrs Schütze's first list of books was literature and quite as properly included in her committee as was music or painting. This list is a medley of books (some of them poor in any sense of the word) which she has been reading but which none of the officers apparently are willing to stand for, while some awfully good literature -- quite in keeping with her first list -- has been omitted. I don't object to the Rossetti -- that is in her line but the economics is not and the list should not in my opinion bear the name of the W.P.P.

Couldn't you persuade her to wait until my return to make some changes in it, tell her I have some "bully books" to add. I sure don't want to hurt her feelings but we ought not to be [page 2] driven to publish a poor list.

I am going to be in Boston/Hotel Touraine for Oct 6- 7- & 8th and Mrs Mead is calling the International Committee of "Five" & will also try for the Ex. Com. of W.P.P. Miss Balch is staying over until Oct 14" and there are a number of things that ought to be taken up.

I will write more about it later, and sending this off now lest the list get through!

Always devotedly yours

J. Addams