Comments at Hull House, June 25, 1914



Scotch Saloonkeeper Wrongly Credited With Proper Reverence for Holy Things.

Miss Jane Addams said at Hull house in Chicago apropos of the recent criticisms of the Illinois women's vote:

"The antis were, of course, determined to be dissatisfied with us. Because we elected men instead of women they were dissatisfied with that. Because we voted a lot of towns dry -- that, too, dissatisfied them.

"They misinterpreted everything in their desire to arrive at dissatisfaction. Yes, their misinterpretations were as complete as the tourist's.

"A tourist one Saturday evening in Glasgow entered a saloon for a lemonade and saw in huge letters behind the bar, 'Remember the Sabbath.'

"Quaffing his lemonade, the tourist told the landlord that it gave him very great pleasure to see a man of his profession show such becoming reverence to the day of rest.

"'Oh,' said the landlord, 'that ain't my reason for putting that there sign up there. The idea is to remind my customers of the Sunday closing law, so's they'll bring their flasks to be filled on Saturday night.'"

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