Francis Stetson Rogers to Jane Addams, August 16, 1915

115 E. 53d St.
New York.
Aug 16, 1915.
Miss Jane Addams --
Chicago --

Dear Madam --

In view of the serious charges of intoxication that you make against the soldiers now fighting in Europe and of the wide publicity given to these charges [through] the press, it seems to me that it is your duty as a woman of honor who knows the difference between fact and libel to make public the exact source of your information. It is hard for those of us that hold you in reverence to believe that you base such grave charges on mere hearsay. We count upon such people as you to refrain, even in the midst of such an infinity of wild talk as now fills the world, the capacity to limit yourself to such statements as can bear strict examination.

Yours truly Francis Rogers

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