Lillie A. King to Jane Addams, August 23, 1912

Ottawa, Kan.
Aug 23-12

My Dear Sister [Addams] --

Please pardon a Kansas woman for taking up a few precious moments of your time. No doubt you are aware that the eyes of the nation are resting on you. You have it in your power to lead a vast army of people either for [weal] or woe, my God! which shall it be? I beseech you to not give the wrong ring to the people. Have you carefully gone over the ground you have taken? What man in the United States has had a better opportunity to serve his countrymen [page 2] than Roosevelt? Let us go over his record; that investigation has proven, and we find Mormonism, Catholicism, White Slave Traffic, and the great monster trust, Saloonism, that is rolling over the people, crushing them both body and soul, flushing like green bay trees under this "good mans" rule, without a checking influence. Ah, my sister he has idled away his days of grace. Why should he ask to serve the people again on a platform that has no temperance plank? [page 3] Is he a moral coward? His men say it has dynamite in it, and they do not care to handle it. The [Prohibitionists] who are the salt of the earth, are not afraid to handle it thank God! Every progressive measure in the other parties have been advocated by them for forty years without any changes.

Our country does not need what we call good men to reform old corrupt parties, or men to start new parties, to divide the mind of the people, but good men with [page 4] the old [principles] of righteousness and truth to back them up. It will not matter in particular what name they take so the [principles] are there, and all the people begin to work as one man with God, then will He lead us on to victory, and in His name we will [conquer] every foe.

God help you to ponder well before you make your decisions is the prayer of your Kansas sister.


Mrs. M. F. King

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