Brooks, William H. (1858-1923)

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J. Arthur E Brooks, IV

This great man was also my Great Great Grandfather, born in Maryland in 1858. He attended Morgan College & Howard University before becoming a members of the clergy in NYC. I would LOVE to gather as much information as possible about him to pass on to my immediate & extended family. My phone number is 2023069165.

Cathy Moran Hajo

Wow, thanks for getting in touch! We will add the birth year you suggested. We have been focused on adding documents with just a little research on the names and will do more intensive research once we have all the texts in. If we locate more details, will be in touch! -- Cathy

J. Arthur E Brooks

Thank you, Cathy!  And i believe you have a collection of my Mother's Brother's film works (William Greaves Productions), courtesy of my Aunt Louise Archambault Greaves, which I'm looking forward to researching and sharing with my family once this current set of restrictions due to covid-19 is lifted.

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