Erving Winslow to Jane Addams, August 7, 1912



40 CENTRAL ST., BOSTON, Aug. 7, 1912

Miss Jane Addams.

Dear Madam:

Your public appearance as an endorser of Mr. Roosevelt's candidacy certainly justifies a remonstrance, -- from one of the many who have looked to you for social leadership and in particular from one who has regarded you as a valuable [cooperator] in the great work of the Anti-Imperialist League: because, although Mr. Roosevelt has been fully informed as to the situation, he refuses to advocate a promise of Philippine Independence, to warn off those exploiters who are vigorously planting in that virgin soil the seeds of irresponsible capitalism for which Mr. Roosevelt claims so vociferously to apply panaceas in the United States, and which would render Philippine Independence impossible.

I might add in general as a most glaring [inconsistency] on the part of those who are laboring for social welfare that Mr. [Roosevelt's] support implies a belief in the infamy of a protective [tariff] and the beneficent effects of war upon the community, [the] increase of the navy, the fortification and appropriation of the Panama Canal and the hypocritical support of woman's suffrage to be decided by the votes of women instead of a natural right.

Had Mr. Roosevelt been the President of the United States we should have, months ago, been involved in a tremendous and long-to-be-continued war with Mexico! [page 2]

It seems strange that a demagogue who with no new practical suggestions who has merely embellished every catch-word with vigorous and eloquent language has been able to blind any of the elect.

The associated robbers called "High Protective [Tariff] League" are raising a great fund to attack Governor Wilson!

Hearst is preparing to join you in support of Mr. Roosevelt!

I am your obedient servant,

Erving Winslow [signed]


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