Mary Eliza McDowell to Jane Addams, August 7, 1912

Tyrone Pa.
Aug. 7.

Dear Sister:

In this quiet spot I follow you with my mind and heart and rejoice in the great opportunity that was opened this August.

I am sorry not to be at home at this crisis. Mr Roosevelt has made a great political as well as humanitarian mistake [page 2] as you may see in the enclosed clipping.

I am reading Vida Scudders book -- Socialism & Character and am almost persuaded to become [an] out-&-outer. The Truth is surely marching on, and does not seem to be in any one party, but I am glad you Sisters march with it to the Progressives

[written up left side of page] Goodnight -- Loyally -- Mary Mc.D.

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David Kaminski

On page 2, I would recommend "Sisters" with a capital.

Cathy Moran Hajo

Thanks, David-- I've corrected it.

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