Margaret Dreier Robins to Jane Addams, September 30, 1912


Sept. 30, 1912

I am glad to report a very great success of the store which has been opened at Monroe and Clark Street, Chicago, as a national, state and county headquarters for the sale of certificates and stamps and the distribution of literature. In the three days we have taken in about $800.

The show window is used for the display of banners, cartoons and posters as well as a bulletin indicating where the leading speakers may be heard. The gentleman in charge of the store is assisted by several young ladies who attend to the sales and to the distribution of the literature. The store offers a great opportunity for propaganda work as men and women are constantly going in and out desiring information. It has proven such a success that we contemplate opening another within the loop district while others have already been established in La Grange, Winnetka and the outlying districts of the city. I therefore earnestly urge you to have such a store established in your city.

I also suggest that you ask the women of your city to form a JANE ADDAMS CHORUS. We have organized one in Chicago and are expecting to organize local ones in the suburbs. The chorus is being asked for at all the political meetings where it creates much enthusiasm and interest.

Cordially yours,

Margaret Dreier Robins,
(Mrs. Raymond Robins)
Room 412, Hotel La Salle.


Very attractive Jane Addams Song Books can be had at 10cts. a copy. Please report to me in regard to your chorus and the starting of the store.

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