William Denny Brereton, Jr. to Jane Addams, November 24, 1911



Hampton Roads, Va.,
Nov. 24, 1911.

My Dear Miss Addams;

I have followed with deep interest the publications which appear from time to time relative to your great work. And in common with others who realize your wonderful endeavors in viewing my appreciation.

But I wonder if you know how it hurts us in the service to hear the name "cadet" misused as it is?

For five generations, since the French Indian Wars in fact the men of my family has supplied officers for [page 2] the Army and Navy. I am the fourth direct son to receive my education at one of the military academies. And since the first day I could speak have always been taught to consider a "cadet" with respect, a boy who holds a position of honor, who will some day have the privilege of serving his country either afloat or ashore.

I have one brother, a graduate this year, now an officer in the army, without enlarging on the subject you can see the injustice involved when we in the service hear the name we love and were taught was one worthy of respect, [page 3] used to indicate the most degraded type of human animal.

Can it not be stopped?

Very Sincerely Yours,
W. D. Brereton Jr.
Ensign, U.S. Navy.

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