Mary Jones to Jane Addams, November 10, 1911


Valparaiso, Indiana Nov 10, 1911

Miss Jane Addams

I read your article in [McClures] on white slavery.

[When] I was told by a person that said he was in a position to know, that white slavery will never be stamped out until <while> the Chop Suey places run as girls get drugged in them places and that they are kept under the influence of drugs all the time, and if a girl would get out of one of the dens she would be so dressed that the police would arrest her and send her to the Bridewell. Then in a few days the Boss would come down and offer to get them [out] if they were willing to go back, which they always do and then they give up and so it goes on. Perhaps you know all this but I [page 2] was interested so I send you this. Oh God why is such people allowed to live to destroy the young. Miss Addams go on with every good work and perhaps the time will come when the evil will be no more.

Mary Jones

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