Jane Addams to Carrie Chapman Catt, May 31, 1927



Hull-House, Chicago
May 31, 1927.

My dear Mrs. Catt,

I have answered your questions to the best of my ability but the situation as you see is such a complicated one that I think it would be honestly better not to try to make it clear to the D.A.R.'s but to let me be "thrown to the lions" as it were.

I had received sometime ago a list of charges made by the D.A.R. It is what the French would call dossier. Have you had that? If not shall I send you a copy? It is a very strange mixture of truth and fiction. I am sending a copy of Emily Balch's reply to that which, of course, is much too flattering and perhaps does as much harm as good.

The assumption of the D.A.R's that they are public censors is comparatively recent but very wide spread. I am enclosing a clipping from a Chicago morning paper illustrating what happens everywhere. They have never had enough to do and this is giving them activity. I personally do not believe that much can be done with the public in this state of mind. However, I am sending the answers to your questions in another envelope and you must of course use your own judgment in the matter.

Thanking you for your kind letter, I am

faithfully yours

Jane Addams [signed]

Mrs Carrie Chapman Catt
New York City

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