Jane Addams to Flora Belle Surles, August 2, 1924


Hull's Cove Maine

Aug 2d 1924

My dear Miss Surles

We asked Mrs Post to ask you to mimeograph about 100 letters for us, if you have time, that we might send them out to finish up the payment of the report -- which is happily less than we thought.

Miss Balch felt obliged to send $120.00 to [Geneva] if Toronto sends it the $100.00 promised in the "Pax Special," that would I think be sent to Emily Balch as the general fund made up so much as the Pax, & entered in both sides of the international fund.

Could you write to Toronto for it on the ground that we are finishing up the accounts?

We want of course to pay for the [page 2] extra [typewriting] and mimeographing but we had no W.I.L. stationary [there].

I hope we haven't [driven] you quite to [despair] with our many requests and that you are going to have a good vacation.

Faithfully yours

Jane Addams [signed]