Jane Addams to Mary Guthrie Kilbreth, May 7, 1924




Washington, D.C.
May 7, 1924
Miss ↑Mrs↓ Mary G. Kilbreth, President,
Woman Patriot Publishing Company,
720 -- 14th Street,
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mrs Kilbreth:

Your letter concerning the oath taken by the Women's International League was received the first day of our Congress. I must apologize for my delayed reply, but as the letter had been mimeographed in order to be sent to many people I imagine my reply was a matter of mere form, and hence the delay does not inconvenience you. In the digest of our reports which you sent, ↑you have confused↓ the discussions ↑with↓ and the resolutions are quite confused. In spite of this and the fact that you have ↑also↓ quoted from literature in no wise official, I am sure you must admit that we have never officially taken ↑[urged?]↓ an oath of any kind. It is quite impossible with our Quaker membership that we should have done so, and I am quite ready to stand by the letter which I wrote to the Chicago Tribune.

Miss Balch whom you quote plans to be in Washington for several days, from the twelfth until the twentieth of June ↑Way↓. You could get into communication with her at our headquarters at 1403 H Street, if you care to pursue the subject further.

May I send you a copy of the address which I made at the opening of the Congress, also a copy of Who’s Who.