Helen Willard Carrett Travis to Jane Addams, May 2, 1924


Iron Mountain, Michigan

Miss Jane Addams,

My dear Miss Addams:

For a long time I have been interested in the International League for Peace & Freedom. I should like to obtain some of the papers which have been read at the recent meetings. I note the Tribune [page 2] has taken a policy of ignoring them altogether. We -- the local branch of A.A.U.W. -- had Private Peat here to lecture a short time ago. The Chicago American Legion [through] Special Delivery letter and telegrams tried to stop it but the legion here were not only pleased but endorsed his lecture. [page 3] I was sorry to hear through friends that the D.A.R., of which I am a member, feel that the movement of the League for Peace and Freedom is not patriotic and should not be encouraged. It seems that we ought to come to an understanding on these international questions. I wish that the public could come to have a vision of the possibilities of the human race and shall do all that I can to help in that.

Thanking you for any helpful papers you may send, I am

Yours very sincerely

Helen C. Travis
(Mrs. M. B.)

2 May 1924