Emma Theresa Mann to Jane Addams, March 20, 1920


Phila., 3303 Race St.,

March 20th, 1920.

My dear Miss Addams,

It was most kind of you to write me a note with your own hand, -- and you may know that I treasure it! I will join the League, [though] unless deep principles of Christianity underlie the work, it will not avail to turn the hearts of women or men. If the English oligarchy [page 2] -- Asquith, Grey, Balfour, Northcliff -- had been Christian, they would not for a score of years have taught hatred, which they specifically did, nor could they have used lies as their chief weapon. Our Lord & Saviour called Satan the father of lies, -- so that they who used the weapon, renounced allegiance to our Lord and Master. He, throughout the gospel record, always showed His regard, for women: it was to the Samaritan woman at the well, He first declared who He was; to Martha. He said first, "I am the resurrection and the life, of her [page 3] sister Mary, He said, when she [annointed] Him with the precious ointment, "Let her alone! wheresoever this gospel is [preached] [etc.]" Even on His way to the Cross, He turned & comforted the women who bewailed Him. But the difficulty is with the hard human heart, that wants its way, its selfish interests, and does not submit to God's truth & right & commands, nor even melt at His holy Sacrifice.

But the League may arouse women to think, which will be [page 4] of great avail, -- and to act in concert, which will be a mighty power. How can I pay the annual dues? I am 62, not very strong & so am of no great avail, & have but a very limited [income].

Thanking you for the Pax et Libertas, with much of which I entirely agree,

I am


Most truly & gratefully,

Emma T. Mann.