Jane Addams to Robert Archey Woods, March 8, 1910


March 8, 1910

My dear Mr Woods:-

Miss McDowell took dinner with me last night and told me of so many settlement people who are planning to be at St Louis this year that I wonder whether it is too late to carry out the suggestion made at the little meeting in Buffalo last May. Of course it would be easy to send out a notice asking that all the settlement people who are planning to go anyway should be there if possible the day before when we might arrange for our meetings. Does this seem to you unadvisable, and do you remember whether or not a committee was appointed at the meeting held in Buffalo? I am sorry to pound away so much on this subject.

With cordial greetings to Mrs Woods and yourself, I am 

Sincerely yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Robert Woods, Esq.

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