Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, May 1922 Also known as: Emily Greene Balch to Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Secretaries of National Sections, May 1922



6 Rue du Vieux Coll├Ęge, Geneva

Circular-Letter to Secretaries of National Sections B

Series of 1922 B11

May 1922

Dear Friend,

I fear it has not been made sufficiently clear that all the propaganda for the Summer Schools has had to be left to the Sections.

[Programs] have been sent you and more will be furnished (in French) if desired. Please get the Summer Schools noticed in your press and especially brought to the notice of universities, schools, teachers associations etc. and described in educational journals.

Unfortunately we are having to invest a sum of money that is for us a very large one for the Varese School. The rent of the Collegio alone costs us 10,000 lire whether we have 20 students or 220. We can escape a serious loss only if the building is practically filled as the other expenses also are much heavier than for Salzburg.

It is of course not only the financial consideration but also the desire to see a fruitful gathering of people from all countries both at Lauenstein and at Varese that leads me to beg you to do immediate and effective work in making the schools known and to send to Lauenstein the five for whom there is room there and to Varese as many as possible.

Yours cordially

Emily G. Balch


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