Emily Greene Balch to Lida Gustava Heymann, February 28, 1922


Feb. 28, 1922.

Dear Frl. Heymann,

It is inexcusable really that this letter from the Polish Section was not sent to you at once [illegible] on being received, and that when I myself returned to Geneva and learned of it I did not at once send it on to you so that you could tell me what to reply as regards point 2). But so it is. I didn't want to excuse myself but Miss Marshall still has the original and I have been waiting for her reply to a letter I wrote to her about it. It was supposed, as a question of minorities, to come within her province.

I enclose a copy of my belated reply, which is not very good but the best I knew how to do. I am debating whether I ought to send a copy of both, the Polish letter and my answer, to our Ukrainian Section. I can't see that it would do any good and if not why send it? Of course, the ECHO DE PARIS paragraph is some stupid, if not malicious, misrepresentation. It is a pity you were not given the chance to contradict it promptly.

Always yours,

↑Miss Marshall is in day & night attendance on her father who is very ill & can attend to nothing else↓