Ida Maria Lass Fränkel to Jane Addams, January 30, 1922

San Francisco 30th January 1922.
56 Hollis Street

Dear Miss [Addams].

On my way back from Germany to Australia I have arrived in San Francisco.

As I am greatly interested in [Pacifism] I saw in Melbourne the ladies of "the Women's International League of Peace and Freedom," and also met the President, Rev. Charles Strong and other members of the Melbourne Peace Society.

They all were interested to hear about the work in Germany, that not less [than] twelve different [Societies] of Peace are trying their utmost to [page 2] secure eternal peace and freedom. Miss Eleanor M. Moore, secretary of the League, the former delegate of Australia, which you probable will remember to have met at the Congress in Zurich 1919, wants to be kindly remembered to you, and I shall tell you that they are getting on with the work in Australia slowly but surely. I consider Miss Moore a very capable little lady. So is Mrs. Nimmo the President of the League and all the ladies I have met are very earnest about their work.

Now I must mention to you that on account of circumstances I could not stay at the house of my son in law in Melbourne, and so I was [page 3] unable to [fulfill] what I had intended to do.

Namely: besides the International Women's League it is the Peace Society of the former partakers of the last war, found in Germany 1919, which I am most interested in. All its members are decidedly against war and bring up their children accordingly.

This Society had its seats in more than thirty cities already, and the great demonstrations against war, held on the 31st of July 1921 in Berlin and Hamburg were arranged by the members.

They will continue with it every year on the 31st of July (the [page 4] day of the outbreak of the war) in the German cities.

If such Societies could to be formed in all other countries, for the future war would become an impossibility.

Dear Miss [Addams], if you should feel interested in the Peace Society of the former partakers of war in Germany, or if you should know anybody who would, please let me know, and I will have sent to you papers and books from Hamburg. Translated in English they would cause, I am sure, great sensation everywhere, and would bring us nearer the end. Also kindly let me know if there is a Women's League in San Francisco, or any other Peace Society. Thanking you beforehand, believe me yours sincerely

Ida M. Frankel (widow)

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Cathy Moran Hajo

Hi Matthew. Thanks for getting in touch. We have a January 1922 letter from your great-grandmother to Jane Addams which I will send to you and I'll see if there are any others in the parts of the collection that we have not published yet.  -- Cathy

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