Emily Greene Balch to Women's International League for Peace and Freedom National Section Secretaries, February 25, 1922

6, rue du Vieux Coll├Ęge, Geneva, Switzerland.
Circular letter to Secretaries of National Sections (B)
Series of 1922: B 2.

February 25, 1922.

Dear Madam,


Will you present to the Chairman and Consultative Members of your Section the draft (herewith) of a circular that I suggest sending to the representative of the Powers gathered at Genoa, either before the meeting or when it assembles. My proposal is that this should go out signed by the Chairman of as many National Sections as possible and by the officers of the League.

I should like to have as soon as possible

1) a vote as to whether such a circular be sent out as here proposed, and signed in this way is approved;

2) suggestions as to changes in the draft here submitted

3) your opinion as to whether it is desirable to get the signatures of other individuals and of other [organizations] with aims similar to our own?


Will you kindly let me know at once how many copies of our February Bulletin you may care to order at 25 centimes [illegible] or 20 francs for 100.


It has been decided (in view of the greatly increased cost,) to cut down the number of copies printed to 2000. How many [illegible] free copies does your Section think it can make [good] use of for propaganda? We cannot in any case supply more than 50 (except in the case of Austria where more courtesy copies may be wanted). We will replace any free copies [illegible] which you may sell for us, or sent additional copies to be placed on sale if you think best. Please try to send us orders. The price is 2 francs for 1 copy, 1 franc each for 10 copies.

Yours sincerely,

Signed: Emily G. Balch