Frederick William Morgan to Jane Addams, May 24, 1908


May 24. 1908

Dear Miss Addams.

I thank you for sending me a copy of Hull House defense, [although] I don't approve of these explanations. "Never explain, your friends don't require it of you and your enemies would not believe you any way." I am willing to admit that I am as fair as the average man and perhaps more so, and yet when any one says a word to comfort, aid, abet, encourage or anything similar, for anarchy, I admit prejudice and all other radical and one sided things. There is no room in this country for this sort of truck, and I see no reason why we should crowd ourselves to make room. I think Hull House has made a mistake in having anything to do with this matter. I feel quite sure that the majority of people will read in the [pamphlet] a defense of anarchy, which of course is absurd, but life is made up of absurdities in great part.

Sincerely yours.

F. W. Morgan. [signed]

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