Vilma Glücklich to Jane Addams, January 26, 1921


Budapest, ↑26th January 1921.↓

Dear Miss Addams,

We hope not to come too late with the [resolution] of our board about the Irish question.

The board of our association received with great satisfaction the news of your being a member of the Commission on Ireland. We sincerely wish that the spirit of pacifism emanating of your individuality and the arguments you will bring forward in the commission may exercise their wholesome influence on its resolutions.

Our board, as [representative?] of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom in Hungary, solemnly declare their conviction that conflicts between nations or nationalities must always be settled in accordance with the principle of self-determination of peoples. The tragically sad experiences we make in our own country concerning the ruinous consequences of the neglect of this principle confirm us in our conviction.

Therefore we support emphatically the claims contained in the mandate of the Irish Women's International League delegates going recently to Washington.

Please kindly represent our resolution in the Commission on Ireland.

Your sincerely

Vilma Glücklich [signed]