Lida Gustava Heymann to Jane Addams, January 18, 1921


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MUNICH, January 18, 1921
Kaulbachstr. 12 Ghs. 1

Dear Jane Addams!

In the insert I would like to present to you a resolution that we have passed to Mrs. Swanwick. If she believes that outside opinions contribute to the situation of those who are in England for Ireland’s freedom [illegible words], then she should send the resolution to Lloyd George.

Through Miss Louie Bennett I find out that you are a member of the American, Irish Commission, so I assume you will be interested in the content of the resolution.

The situation in the European countries is equally dreary everywhere, but forces are also at work everywhere to establish a new international community which [gives?] courage as one follows the word: Work and do not despair.

We hope you will come to Vienna in July 1921.

Kind regards from Dr. Augspurgand your Lida Gustava Heymann.