Annot Erskine Robinson to Jane Addams, January 13, 1921



Dear Miss Addams

Now that Miss Wilkinson and I have returned to Manchester I feel that I must write and express our gratitude to you [for?] all the hospitality & kindness showered on us during our short stay in America.

I see from today's Guardian that the Commission is now sitting. The boycott of the Commission [page 2] still persists. I am making efforts once again to break it down.

I have been talking to many of our members on what action we can take on disarmament and at a members' meeting [to] be held tomorrow shall raise the question of holding a conference of British and America women to discuss competitive naval building. Of course a Branch can do nothing in [page 3] the matter except refer it to headquarters. I believe Mrs Swanwick is writing to Miss Kittredge.

On Monday night here in the Free Trade Hall the inaugural meeting of the Labour Party national campaign on Ireland is to be held when I hope to be able to say something about our experiences in America. I shall forward later a copy of the Labour Party Report on Ireland.

In the meantime the [page 4] news from Ireland continues to be heartbreaking -- violence and terrorism and suffering and Parliament does not meet until February.

I think another member of our Mission might be able to come to Washington if it is still desirable to have more witnesses: Mrs Watts our Hon. Sec. who would make an excellent witness. If the Commission decides to invite her please cable to me here. Lady Barlow does not find it possible.

Mrs Watts wants [page 5] to know as soon as possible if you want her. Also I think it is possible that Miss Mewhort might go also if you approached her directly. But the evidence either of them would offer would be a repetition of the evidence you have had from Miss Wilkinson [and] myself.

Please remember me to [page 6] the people in [Hull] House whom I met. I carried away with me most charming memories of my visit to Chicago and of the atmosphere of kindly welcome which I found there.

With kind regards.

Yours very sincerely,

Annot E. Robinson