Emily Greene Balch to Maria Antonina Czaplicka, September 20, 1920


Sept. 20, 1920.

Dr. M. A. Czaplicka,
c/o Foreign Press Service,
34 Dorotheen Strasse,

My dear Dr. Czaplicka,

I wish so much that it had been possible for me to have some good face to face talk with you. [It] would have helped me very much. I am delighted to get your letter of August 28. As Miss Addams had already sent me a copy of the Polish telegram and not knowing anything of the situation from which it sprung I was a good deal puzzled. We considered for some time that we had a Polish Section and kept Poland in the list of countries where we were so represented, but Madam Hélène d'Abancourt, Académie des Sciences, [Kraków], practically never wrote and seemed to be quite out of touch, finally seemed to me rather dishonest to continue to advertise a Polish Branch. Needless to say that there is nothing that we desire more than to have the support of a competent and convinced group of Polish women and I am very grateful to you for the work that you have done towards this end. I hope that as soon as the war situation eases up you will be able to push the matter further and create an actual [organization]. I think you know that we expect to hold our third Congress in Austria next summer and I should be enormously disappointed if we [can] not succeed in having a good Polish representation. Please let me know any way I can help. To whom should I send copies of the Report of our last Congress and of the pamphlet containing our resolutions? I suppose the French version is the best to send? I send copies of each of these to you.

I wish we might have you as one of our Associate [members]. I enclose a card for you to sign if you will give us that pleasure. You will note that it implies an annual fee of 25 Swiss francs. Probably much the simplest way for you to send such a fee is to mail a "Bradbury" in a registered [letter].

I hope very much that you will see our friends in Holland (Address: Mme Ramondt-Hirschmann, Valeriusplein 5, Amsterdam). Please try to write them beforehand so that if [page 2] that seems desirable they can get together a group of people to meet you or arrange a talk.

I have an old university friend in Warsaw Dr. Sofia Golinska. She was at The Hague Conference, but has under existent conditions not been actively in touch with us since that. I should like to know whether she would be likely to fit in with the group that you have brought together.

Believe me,

Very sincerely yours,