Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, June 16, 1920

19, Bd Georges-Favon

June 16, 1920.

Dear Miss Addams,

I was very glad to get your last two letters under date of May 14 & 17. Since receiving them we have had a successful meeting of the Executive Committee with Dorothy North and Mrs. [Kohlhamer] as Consultative members for the United States and the week of the Suffrage Congress following which enabled us to knit up many new ties. The minutes of the meeting will be going out to you within a few days and I hope that you will be able to find time to really give them consideration as things of real importance are intermingled with things less pressing.

We are leaving this office July 6 and you will be surprised and interested to hear that instead of taking ordinary offices we are hiring a little old house in the [center] of the City on a terrace with a garden. We shall use what we need for offices and sub-let the rest to friends remaining in or passing through Geneva making it an international [center] in this sense. Miss Marie Thornton a very nice English suffragist who lived with me part of last winter will take a room and take all the care of running the house entirely on herself entirely. We shall not serve meals except continental breakfasts. The rent of the whole house is a little less than what we pay here for two offices furnished and cared for. If the letting of the rooms can be made to cover care, light and heating of our part of the house as I hope we shall ↑be able to make it do we shall↓ be paying less than we are paying here. I have however to make a lump expenditure for furniture. I hope you will like this plan. Most of our friends are perfectly charmed with the idea. The Swedish, Dutch and Austrian friends promised to do something each towards furnishing one of the rooms. I presume this may boil down to sending bureau scarves and curtains. Mrs. [Kohlhamer] has got interested and will try to get some help from America. I will write you further about the financial situation (which I think is not at all unsatisfactory) in another letter later. I am getting away [tomorrow] for a two-weeks rest which I really need badly. I will let all letters which can wait rest till my return. I must be back for July 1st when the U.D.C. people are having a private conference in Geneva. -- The Zürich Report is out and will be mailed as fast as we can attend to it. [page 2] It is a great burden off my mind to have it finally done. It is a big volume as you see of nearly 500 pages and the [d--- t----] is about $3000.

I send you lots of love as always but will not try to write more at this moment.

↑Your devoted↓

Emily B. [signed]