Jane Addams to Patrick James Gratten Mythen, May 20, 1920

Rt. Rev. Major Canon Abbot Patrick
American Clergy House
18 East Ninetieth St.
New York City

My dear Abbot:

Your letter of May the 13th was read before our committee which call itself, "American Relief for Russian Women and Children" and was received with the greatest enthusiasm. It is hard to exaggerate the difference it will make to our plans to have the [cooperation] of His Grace, The Holy Russian Orthodox Archbishop, in this undertaking.

It seems wiser to confine the Committee largely to Chicago at present but, as quickly as possible, to develop it into a national organization.

I have delayed writing you hoping to send with my reply definite lists of officers so that when the appeal was read in all the Orthodox Churches in the United States and Canada, the Treasurer's name and address could be attached. I will be able to send that material I hope [tomorrow]; also a copy of a letter from Secretary of State, Bainbridge Colby, assuring me that relief workers will shortly be admitted into Russia and a copy of the latest report from Russia issued by the English Friends Service Committee. Everything seems to be in line for the successful prosecution of the undertaking, and may I again assure you of our heartfelt gratitude for your letter.

I have the honor to remain

yours most faithfully,