Jane Addams and Sophonisba P. Breckinridge to Fremont Older, February 27, 1920

Mr Fremont Older
Ed The Call San Francisco Cal

We have known Anita Whitney for many years as a woman enjoying the finest social and educational advantages of her ↑our↓ time. [She is] A college graduate of ample means whose ability and devotion was ↑were↓ recognized by election to office in two leading national organizations of women. ↑We were both ↑with her↓ members of the executive board of the Am Nat Woman's Suffrage Association↓ She has given her ability and ↑ample↓ resources to the amelioration of the lot of the less fortunate and to the creation of a more just order of society. We believe her incapable of cherishing any criminal purpose and are convinced that her ↑sentence↓ rests upon a misapprehension regarding her conduct. We are persuaded that any community in which a woman of her character and ideals was convicted of acts declared by the law to be felonious ↑considered a felon↓ would in a more sober moment come to regret its action ↑judgment↓ ↑decision↓.

Jane Addams, Hull-House Chicago
S. P. Breckinridge, University of Chicago