Wilbur Kelsey Thomas to Jane Addams, December 31, 1919


December 31, 1919.

Jane Addams,
800 So. Halstead St.,
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Friend: --

Thanks very much for your recent letter with the copies of the correspondence to Mr. Trueblood. I am very glad to keep in touch with all of these developments.

The money is beginning to come in now, and we are beginning to see our way through. We have already a donation of $250,000 worth of food and will soon be ready to make another deposit of $100,000 for more food. Our money is coming in by individual contributions and we have not had very many contributions over $1000.

We have just shipped six thousand dollars' worth of cod liver oil, two thousand dollars' worth of powdered cocoa and other supplies to Vienna. We are increasing our force of workers there, and I feel sure that we will be able to do some good work there. Of course, we have the facilities for getting our supplies to Germany free of charge and this makes it our largest work.

We are very glad of your deep interest in this and I hope that we can keep you supplied with the information needed. Please write me as you need more material. The bulletins that I sent you I thought you could have reshipped in smaller packages to the meetings which you expected to address. This will be easier than if we had to try to keep in touch with your speaking dates, although we will gladly do this if you desire. [page 2]

We want to district the United States and get some one person in charge of each district to work up interest among the Germans and other people. I will be glad to have your suggestions as to suitable people through the Middle West.

With best wishes,

Yours Sincerely,

Executive Secretary.