Ada Maria Loaring Clark, Genevieve Allan Montague and Elizabeth Patten Lupton to Woodrow Wilson, November 15, 1918



To the President of the United States: --

Washington, D.C.

We, women of Chattanooga, Tennessee, having read the letters sent to Mrs. Woodrow Wilson and Miss Jane Addams from German women, beg permission to say that we consider these letters to be German propaganda. We are satisfied to leave the terms of Armistice in the hands of those who have already drawn them up.

We consider it would be an unwarranted interference for women to hamper our Government and the Governments of our Allies in any way, for we know that, while millions of women and children have already starved to death owing to Prussian tyranny, no retaliations in kind is desired or will be made by our Government or the Governments of the Allied Nations.


Mrs. W. J. Loaring Clark,
Chairman, Woman's Committee, Council of Defense

SIGNED. Mrs. D. P. Montague
Chairman, Chattanooga Branch, Woman's Service League.

Mrs. J. T. Lupton,
Chairman, Y.M.C.A. War Council.

November 15th. 1918.