Louise de Koven Bowen to Jane Addams, May 7, 1906


May 7th

Bar Harbor, Maine.

Dear [Miss Addams]

I had a mass of stuff from the Ponds today, and a total of $48577. This includes the architects fee's and an estimate of $650. for the building alley Mr Pond suggested two or three ways of cutting down [page 2] but they only amounted to about $250. So they cut no figures whatever and would only cheapen the building. I telegraphed Pond & Pond "Estimates received.  Go ahead with building at once. bids satisfactory" I also wrote Mr. Bowen to keep at him to hurry him up. [page 3] I see he has only estimated Plumbing and Heating I do not see why he did not get bids for them. I suppose if I was on the spot I might go [over] the plans and possibly we might cut down a little bit from Mr Ponds letter & do not see that it would amount to much. He also has not made an estimate for [illegible] and [decorating] and he will have to have something [page 4] not just plain white halls. Do you know if this includes a high wainscot in the game room and Library? Mr Pond says that if the Building Dep't will say that the building is a club house that some saving might be [effected?], but I do not begrudge having it made safer in case of fire. Please don't worry about the total, it is all right [page 5] and I shall still have enough to keep away the wolf. So we'll go right ahead and do tell Mr Pond it must be furnished in the Hall.  I am writing him this tonight.

Did you ever get a sum or a worker for the Club. I know a trained nurse, the last I heard was that [page 6] Mrs Conger was yielding and you might get one from the V. N. Asso.

Aff'ly Yours

Louise deKoven Bowen

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