William Thomas Stead to Jane Addams, October 12, 1901

The Review of Reviews.
Mowbray Houlse
Norfolk Street Strand
London, W.C.

12th October, 1901.

Miss Jane [Addams],
Hull House,

Dear Miss [Addams],

I am so glad that you said a good word for the Anarchists, and that you did your best to secure them legal assistance.  There is always an immense danger in times of popular passion and fury that perfectly innocent philosophers may be confounded with the bloody handed assassins.  The mob is undiscriminating, and lends a ready ear to those who imagine that the lawless violence of the individual can be repressed by equally lawless violence on the part of the Community.

I send you a copy of the REVIEW OF REVIEWS for October, which contains a character-sketch of Roosevelt that may interest you.  I also send you a prospectus of my forthcoming Annual on the Americanisation of the world.  I know that you are too busy to correspond, but I thought you might like to hear from me now and then.  Mrs Ole Bull is at Wimbledon, and is very well.

Yours Sincerely,
W. T. Stead [signed]

Review and Prospectus encl.

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