The Devil Baby at Hull-House, October 1916 (fragment)

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Another mother of two [feeble minded] children told a tale poignant beyond belief; that in order to keep the little boy and his older sister ↑from harm she had↓ for more than ten years kept them shut into a little room off her kitchen during the hours she was at work [therefore?], she had not realized that these ↑children↓ had reached puberty until she discovered that the girl was about to have a child fathered by her brother. ↑"I did not know that such a thing was possible ↑between brother & sister↓ ↑but↓ my ↑sinful↓ grandchild was born and lived a year."↓ The woman ↑in↓ [quiet?] conclusion of her tale. [page 2]

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