Jane Addams Says that American Women are Slower, March 19, 1909



Chicago, March 19. -- "The popular opinion seems to be that our American Women are getting too advanced. As a matter of fact they are the slowest of all the English-speaking women on the face of the globe."

So declares Jane Addams in a communication to women on suffrage for her sex in Illinois.

"In England, in all her colonies," she declared, "the women have municipal suffrage, while we American women are just awakening to the fact that we have rights and responsibilities which, without the ballot, cannot be properly had.

"In Italy, they have public houses for the encouragement of cleanliness among the people, while in the United States we have none. Why is it that in Russia they have public covered markets, to protect the food of the people from the fifth of the city, while in this country we have practically done nothing."

There are plenty of things we need in this country for the protection of the health and the morals of our people. We could have them if we would ask for them, but the men won't ask for them, and the women cannot."

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