Lillian D. Wald to Jane Addams, December 24, 1914

December 24, 1914
Lady Dear:

I am sending your letter on to Mrs. Villard, and asking her to communicate directly with you. I think if you begin to stir up, you will find stores of emergency peace societies. I am getting notes and telephones, asking me to participate in such, and I have kept a cold front, always answering that I wanted to hold myself free to act with the group that met on Henry Street in case any formal organization should result.

I do not think I am particularly fascinated by the idea of the Washington meeting just at this time <point>. What I have laid stress upon is that the opposition to the agitation for increased armament appropriations is a man's affair. I have no objection to women's making it their affair, too, but I would not like to fix in the public mind that it is not a man's affair.

Mrs. Pethick Lawrence planned to go to the mountains for the holidays, but she has a bad cold. Her husband is having his Christmas dinner with us tonight. I have not had one minute to see her. This is one awful city to live in, and it needs you at least to manage. 

My very dear love to you all, and please tell Alice Hamilton that she is especially included in this.

Miss Jane Addams
Hull House