Daniel H. Burt to Jane Addams, May 31, 1912


Burt Colo May 31st 1912

Miss Jane [Addams].

Sister in the effort for suffering sinful humanity. I read your speech to the mens congress in New York city I admire your zeal your effort yes your great work for the fallen of your sex. As I see it you and your fellow helpers in this cause have not as our Savior did put the ax at the root of the tree of evil. You are doing a grand good work, in agitating this great evil and laboring to lessen if not exterminate but you will not succeed unless you strike deeper. [page 2] 

The sin of our first parents that corrupted our race and <perverted> our natures. The original sin. The parent sin was perverting the sexual organs of reproducing life to sensual gratification or pleasure. No wonder when God endowed his creatures with power to reproduce life especially his last and highest creation man in his own image with power to reproduce that image of life that misery and death should be the consequence of that great awful sin of abuse of such God given powers. Bible, science, hygiene, common sense and experience [page 3] speak the same testimony to this solemn fact. I write this to you because I am sure your intelligence and purity will receive it in the spirit it is written and because you have the ability, the means and wide influence to strike deeper into this social evil than is being done by condemning the abuse of these life giving organs in sensual indulgence in youth, in married life or in any form or degree. They should be used only in a normal way to perpetuate our race, and then our race will get back to normal life and the [page 4] Eden Paradise life will be restored. Of course this fight includes the aid of Gods word which is truth and Gods spirit which is the spirit of truth. By these means Jesus the Christ lays the ax at the root of the tree of evil that Moses saw in the garden of Eden with the tree of life which John in the isle of Patmos as the tree of life on either side of the river. It is the seed of the woman that should bruise the Serpents head. May God bless you in your noble work is my prayer

Daniel H Burt 72 years old

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