Louise Muller Spear Hatfield to Jane Addams, April 27, 1909


April twenty seventh


My dear Miss Addams--

I thought that you might like to see the enclosed clipping and the postal card. It is a great pleasure to the committee on Literature of the Civic Club that the Club has taken up this work of interesting Pennsylvania women in your book. And as chairman of the committee I cannot refrain from writing to you of our plans hoping that it may be of some satisfaction [page 2] to you to know that so many of us are deeply interested in this work.

Pennsylvania is so conservative that it sometimes seems very slow work indeed to get people to read what is being written upon these social problems, which become more insistent every day.

This plan was thought out because it seemed as if it must help to have a great many people read the same suggestive book.

We are hoping the interest may grow as the snowball does, and I am glad [page 3] to say that this first week's work has been very promising. We decided to order five hundred postals but, after one day's work found we could use five thousand at once. Yesterday we gave away a thousand at our first meeting, as several chairmen of other organizations took a number for their members. And, most encouraging of all the President of the Pennsylvania Federation of Women's Clubs offered to distribute cards for us all over the state.

It is a great satisfaction to hear members of the Child Labor Committee who have read your book during the past few days, say how fine they think the chapter upon children is and others who are on the fence in the suffrage question declare that the arguments in your book are the best they have ever read.

We are looking forward especially [illegible] to a campaign among the Friends, for they are so interested in peace though as some one has suggested the name of your book is most deceptive for some of your chapters contain conservative doses of dynamite.

I trust we may be able to write you [written up left side of page 1] from time that our work is progressing.

Yours very sincerely

Louise [S.] Hatfield