Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, August 5, 1904


Lake Placid, N.Y. ↑Buffalo↓ Aug 5" 1904


Here I am, caught in Buffalo after all. I was led to believe that owing to the change of an hour's time I would get here in time for a morning train to Chicago. Our train was late and the usual result. However I have telephoned to Miss Montgomery who is coming to take me to lunch and I will leave at two. The Pullmans, cost no more, supper is less and I reach Chicago an hour earlier than if I waited for the evening train.

The conductor on the Lake Placid Special says that the [page 2] special train that leaves Lake Placid at 10.45 goes straight [through] to Chicago, that you change cars in Buffalo but not trains. If that is true (and he was much more intelligent than the Lake Placid people) one could leave Hurricane at six o'clock in the morning, make the train and be in Chicago in about 24 hours from time of actual start.

This station is big & cool but stabs of hot air come in the windows and I am afraid that the beloved prairie will not compete with the sea & hills for atmospheric delights. [page 3]

I will see the family on Saturday afternoon & write at once. I like to think of you as in the little house which really endeared itself to us both didn't it, & if you don't worry and do rest, there is no telling how fine you will be by the end of the summer. However you are and wherever you are a larger chunk of my heart (and at present most of my mind as well) is with you and I am always devotedly yours

Jane Addams

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