Mary Jane Hawes Wilmarth to Jane Addams, December 14, 1916


Dec 14. 1916


Here's another book! How shall one who makes books, molds the opinions and sentiments of a multitude find time to read? Yet -- I do want to know you have read this book of Mr. [Neilson's] which goes herewith. I'll not put your name in it as a thing dedicated because you may like to pass it on as Mrs Matz used to like to do with [her/our?] [page 2] flowers.

It seems to me I can be no gladder on Resurrection Day (if I ever come upon it as I used to expect to do) than I was in Washington at seeing and hearing you unabated, vivid and mistress of yourself -- leader of us all.

Yours to be led

Mary H. Wilmarth

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