Eleanor Dagget Karsten to Pauline Hatchitt, March 2, 1916


March 2nd, 1916.

My dear Mrs. [Hatchitt]:

Your postal card addressed to Miss Addams has just been received at this office and as Miss Addams is away from the city, I am writing to say that I think the best thing to do with the literature which was sent to you at Miss White's request, is to keep it on hand and distribute it on every occasion possible. I am sure there will be club meetings and other occasions where you can give out some of the dodgers, and perhaps they will do more good than you realize.

We are just having a peace exhibit in the Panama-Pacific Medal Winners Exposition at the Coliseum, from the first to the twelfth of March, and are distributing literature and dodgers as freely as possible. It seems discouraging sometimes, but on the whole, we meet with very good success and then we feel encouraged to do more. I hope you will be able to use the material you have.

Sincerely yours,

Office Secretary

Mrs. Clay [Hatchitt],
President of the Woman's Peace Party,
Frankfort, Kentucky.