Jane Addams to Editor, New York Dramatic Mirror, May 4, 1912

May 4, 1912.

To the Editor of THE MIRROR.

Sir: The enclosed clipping reached me a day or two again from Romeike, and I am a little at a loss to know upon what it is founded.

To my knowledge, I have never criticized the moving picture shows. In fact, Hull-House sustained a moving picture show in our little [theater] for an entire Summer in the early days of the moving pictures. We have also a film illustrating the activities of Hull-House. I am enclosing a clipping of an interview which took place in Kansas a few days ago, which will, I think, show you my attitude.

When you say that I "misrepresent" the motion pictures I have the right, have I not, to know upon what you base that assertion, as I can recall nothing I have ever said which could be construed in that way? In regard to appearing at the Majestic, I was very happy to have that opportunity during the campaign in Chicago for the preferential vote for woman suffrage when I could address so many people. The audience of three thousand treated me with the greatest respect, as did the management. It would certainly have been foolish in a campaign to ignore an opportunity to reach so large a number of voters when an invitation had been courteously extended. I do not usually reply to newspaper attacks, but I have for so long been considered the friend of moving pictures that I am interested in knowing upon what your editorial was based.

Very truly yours,