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  • Date is exactly "1918-11-15"

Blackburn forwards to Addams a letter written by her nephew's Divisional Secretary and plans to send her his money and belongings as soon as possible.

Addams tells Eastman that any response to the German women's appeal must be made clear that it is by the New York League, not the Woman's Peace Party.

Eastman asks Addams if the New York branch of the Woman's Peace Party can respond with sympathy to the German women's appeal.

Dales asks Addams whether the Washington branch of the Woman's Peace Party should hold a meeting in support of the German women's appeal.

Clark advises Addams not to support the German women's appeal due to war crimes and atrocities committed by German troops.

Clark, Montague, and Lupton oppose the German women's request as propaganda and pledge to let Wilson and the Allied Powers handle negotiations.

Clark sends Addams a telegram sent to President Wilson regarding the German women's request for help in peace negotiations.

Addams sends Eastman her travel plans.

Addams notes that she knows the German women who issued the appeal and does not believe it is a propaganda plan.