Lislerude, Hannah O. (1866-1948)

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Catherine and Robert Spude

Thanks for putting this online.  Hannah had followed a relative, Bill Lislerude, to the mining camp of Chloride, Arizona and by 1910 was working in an assay office, a rare profession for women at that time.  When Arizona became a state and women received the right to vote, she became one of the first women elected as Justice of the Peace.  She served at Chloride from 1915 to 1919, then was reelected in 1922-1923.  She also served on the school board, as deputy probabtion officer, and as deputy coroner.  By 1930 she was back in Los Angeles.  Are there any more letters from here in the collection?

Cathy Moran Hajo

Dear Catherine and Robert -- thanks so much for the additional information! This does appear to be the only letter from Hannah Liserude in the Addams collection. We will be sure to add your information once we research and write the biographical note for her. You wouldn't happen to have a photograph of her that we could use, would you?

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