Jacques Bardoux to Jane Addams, July 17, 1901

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Paris 23 Rue Montaigne VIII
17 July 1901

Dear Mrs Adams,

I hope that you have not completely forgotten about us & that you will kindly welcome my request with all the amicability of your hospitable nature.

You must remember, without a doubt, that the "University Foundation of Belleville", despite all our efforts, would never be compared to your admirable "Hull House." We are inaugurating it with more excitement [page 2] than with goodwill.

I also gave an enthusiastic welcome to one of your compatriots, Mr Henry La Marc, journalist from Chicago & administrator of the federation of American Professors. when he came to propose <illegible words> to edify another "Hull House" at Belleville.

We must see each other in October to realize [illegible words]; but before making any engagement of the sort, I would like information on the person & authority of Mr. La Marc. Would you have the benevolence, Dear Miss Adams, to send this to me confidentially.

That is my first request: I have a second one to ask of you.

I was asked, for six months in October at Mullhouse, a conference on the "University Settlements", that I know very well. I would like <illegible> to compare them briefly to similar American works. If you could provide me with one or two Annual Reports of "Hull House", I would be profoundly grateful, & I will make it a duty to send them back to you as soon as I have read them.
Forgive me, dear Miss Adams, my indiscretion, & please receive, with the expression of my gratitude, assurance of my respectful admiration.


J Bardoux
  Attorney at the Court of Appeal

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