Jane Addams to Florence Kelley, December 29, 1902

335 South Halsted Street

Dear Sister Kelley

Mrs [Sikes] says that she will undertake the bibliography ↑on Child Labor↓ if you think that she can do it. I know of no one better and I can put her into communication with Mr Murphy and the Committee in New York.

About the other thing I would rather wait until I see you before we undertake it. Of course we could begin at once to convince the charities, not to give help when the children are not in school as for the other I should like to discuss further. Have you time to write out a plan a little more fully? [page 2] Margaret has been a dear throughout the whole vacation. She grows nicer year by year and almost week by week.

She hurt her head playing [basketball] you knowand I am in doubt as to whether she ought to play in a gym full of posts! What thinks her mother? Ko writes me about the boys & yourself. I hope to get up to Winnetka at last to inquire of Mrs Lloyd very soon -- Always yours J.A.

Dec 29" 1902