Edward H. Wilkins to Jane Addams, July 14, 1912


July 14 1912

Miss Jane Addams:

Have just been reading your "Twenty Years at Hull House" and am impelled to ask your permission to submit to you my "thesis" for criticism. While it may not be very clearly allied with your great work, it is another thought directed toward the same great end; one of the many propositions that look to the eventual uplifting of the helpless. I have given it the caption "An experiment in living-costs."

My practical friends tell me it "wouldn't work." Here are about 19 pages of typewritten matter. Would it be too much of a trespass on your time if I should send it to you? Your opinion I should value highly and I have the hope that, out of your large acquaintance, you may know of someone whose ideas along philanthropic lines coincide somewhat with mine. Trusting you will pardon this intrusion, I am

Yours very truly

E. H. Wilkins

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