Earle Vaydor Pierce to Jane Addams, July 23, 1911

Central Baptist Church

July 23, 1911

Miss Jane Addams,

Hull House, Chicago.

Dear Miss Addams:-

While many others have doubtless thanked you for your recent book, "Twenty Years in Hull-House", and thus you know of the good that it is doing, I wish to thank you for myself. At my request one of our deacons took two of the prayer meeting hours and reviewed the book; and now I am reading it for myself. It gave us two very interesting and profitable meetings. So if Hull-House has in the past suffered from being called unreligious it is something that is now going to a prayer meeting, and doing good by going!

It was never my privilege to be in Hull-House but once, and that was in 1894 when the first glee club of the University of Chicago sang there one night. I remember how one urchin on the front seat convulsed us by stuffing a red bandana into his mouth to keep from "impolite laughing" at the fun of our college songs.

Your book is helping me much in many ways; and while one who believes as I do that Christ kept more in the foreground helps by his personality in every problem of life and society, I remember that 'no one of us <is> to judge another's servant'. I am grateful for the work you have done, and what you have taught us all, and that now we have the ripe results of your work thus far in book form, so far as it can be placed there. I think that Abraham Lincoln would be proud of you; and I believe the Lord is.

Very Respectfully yours,
Earle V. Pierce

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