Gertrude Toynbee to Jane Addams, March 19, 1911

7 Grays Inn Residences
London EC.
Mar 19. 1911

My dear Miss Addams,

I do congratulate you heartily on your Book. This a living record of glorious service for Humanity. It is marvelous to me how you have achieved so many different kinds of reform in the Settlement & through its influence in the world outside. The beauty of the record to me is the underlying spirit of Love & sympathetic insight. [page 2] 'Tout comprende est tout pardonner ' & 'qui ne pluere pas re vois pas!' These might be set up as your [mottos]. Without this spirit you could not have kept sane or even alive in the ceaseless whirl of activities & worries. The book is the record of a great & never ceasing battle for [Humanity] but it is also the record of a Home & a Haven [page 3] where the weary & the perplexed & the friendless may find rest & joy & God's peace. Again & again as I read I felt I must squeeze your hand & give you a hearty kiss for all you are & for all you are doing. It is an inspiration to know that such work is going on, a work so tiring of body & soul, full of discouragements & [remarkable] difficulties & yet one [page 4] which brings its reward in the human fellowship of secures, the sense of duty done, the intense interest of the human lives it reveals. I do hope I shall see you over here again some day. You must need a good rest & holiday. Your book will be lent by me continually & I am very grateful to you for sending it to me.

Yours very sincerely
Gertrude Toynbee

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