Proclamation: Armistice and Disarmament Day, October 13, 1921


State of Maine


By the Governor


Armistice Day 1921, has a two-fold significance; it commemorates the end of the greatest war in history, and marks the beginning of the most promising step ever taken towards ultimate world peace.

The day is dawning when preparations for war must cease, for the world can no longer endure the strain of competing armaments. If ambition, distrust, and the selfish interest of men and nations are thrust aside at the Disarmament Conference that opens on November 11th, that day will forever be heralded as the most momentous day in the world's history. This gathering of statesmen holds in trust unlimited possibilities for the good of the world.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, PERCIVAL P. BAXTER, Governor of the State of Maine, do hereby designate


Armistice and Disarmament Day in the State of Maine

and I urge the people of our State to recall the sacrifices made by those who died and those who suffered in the World's War, and to pause and give serious thought to the problems it is hoped will be solved at the approaching conference. Let this day be observed throughout the State by solemn and impressive exercises in our schools, churches, courts and homes, and let our citizens join with the American Legion in making this day worthy to be remembered in Maine's history.

[image] Given at the Office of the Governor at Augusta, and sealed with the Great Seal of Maine, this thirteenth Day of October, in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Twenty-one, and of the State of Maine the One Hundred and First.

Percival P. Baxter,
Governor of Maine.


Frank W. Ball,
Secretary of State.

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